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Keesha’s South African Adventure—a preschool teacher’s review and experience with students

Here at My Family! we're thrilled every time someone leaves us a review online or tells their friends about us. But every now and then we get feedback that is so incredible that it blows our minds. The detailed review below is an example of one of those instances. In it, an NY pre-school teacher shares her experience with our latest release Keesha's South African Adventure and what it meant when she used it as a part of her curriculum. All we can say is thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for sharing this with us!     Keesha’s South African Adventure by...

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My Family! Releases South Africa-Themed LBGT Children’s Book just in Time to for Back to School!

As millions of students head back to school this fall, many will undoubtedly tell of their summer adventures. From road trips and flights across the country to quiet times reading or exploring their own neighborhoods, kids often have something to share about their time away from school. In step with this tradition, niche publisher, My Family! releases a vibrant new tale, Keesha’s South African Adventure, a one-of-a-kind story with striking art that features a curious youngster and her two fabulous moms. Keesha learns about South Africa during school and becomes so fascinated she convinces her two moms to take her...

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