Keesha’s South African Adventure is back in stock!

Keesha’s South African Adventure is back in stock!

The second product we’re thrilled to announce is back in stock before the holidays is our vibrant new children’s book Keesha’s South African Adventure. This is an exciting new story that is also one of a kind  – a two mom family taking their little girl on the vacation of a lifetime – and we cannot wait for you to read it! Check out some customer reviews below.      You can order your copy now by visiting If you have a Prime membership, you can get it with free shipping. The game is also available for sale on the following sites with free shipping: eBay WeBuyBlack Stay tuned, we will soon be adding the capability to order directly on Thanks so much for your support and please DO let us know what you think once you’ve grabbed a copy for your family. Customer Reviews are ALWAYS appreciated! Check out our Press page to read feature articles that have been written about this dazzling new title.    

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